• ​​​Communicate with your teacher at the beginning of the school year and throughout the year; help support activities and assist the teacher as much as possible.

  • Communicate with the parents to convey news and information, provide reminders, solicit volunteers, spearhead events, etc.

  • Plan, coordinate, and clean-up the holiday parties for your assigned class (usually 3), or recruit someone (or a team) to do so.

  • Assist with ensuring the class auction project is completed.

  • Help organize teacher gifts.

  • Help with PTG events as needed and grade specific activities, such as the Preschool Graduation, Third Grade Author’s Night, Fifth Grade DARE Graduation, Seventh Grade History Banquet, Eighth Grade Graduation.

  • Forward information received from the Room Parent Coordinator and the Front Office to the class.

Good  plan!

SDS Room Parents