• Send an email introducing yourselves and sharing reminders about the first week of school
  • Before school starts, send an evite inviting all families and your teacher/aides to a class picnic/barbecue/park playdate to break the ice.  If you can’t arrange this before the first day, it is still a great idea after school starts to allow the parents to get to know each other.  This is especially nice for the younger classes
  • Meet with your teacher to find out their needs, requirements, and expectations
  • Split your class into designated party groups; refer to the previous year’s assignments to mix things up a bit (for example, last year’s Valentine’s Day families might want to be assigned to Halloween this year)
  • Send out email reminders throughout the year with helpful reminders, such as free dress days or deadlines to turn something in
  • Recruit an auction project coordinator and encourage your families to participate; make sure everyone knows what your class project is so they can bid at the auction!  Let’s get excited!
  • Don’t forget gifts for our teachers and staff members!  These are traditionally given at Christmas and the end of the year.  Birthdays and special occasions can be commemorated, too, if you’d like
  • Check with your teacher to see what items are needed in the classroom and help encourage donations
  • Please send your ideas, comments, suggestions, thoughts to the Room Parent Coordinator so we can include your tips on this site

SDS Room Parents

Idea List: